Guide On How To Be Creative In A Thesis Paper On Macbeth

Shakespeare, who was a dramatist, author, poet, playwright of the 16th century Elizabethan England, is one of the most distinguished figure in the world of English literature. His legacy survives even today and he is bone of the most discussed and debated authors. His works are studied ion schools and colleges alike, with many students choosing to focus their specialisation on the maestro’s life and times. Macbeth is one of his most famous plays and contains multitudes of literary devices, euphemisms regrading prevalent issues in his times and the human psyche.

  • Understanding the nuances
  • Macbeth is a very complex play and contains a variety of addresses to social issues, mainly mankind’s greed for power. To say that it is a play of many nuances is an understatement. The student must, hence, be familiar with the explanations of the play. Shakespeare is famous for subtly introducing new topics in the nooks and crannies of his plays and the student should be very attentive while reading his plays, especially one as complicated as Macbeth.

  • Introducing William Shakespeare
  • A thesis paper on Macbeth must have a part solely dedicated to the life of Shakespeare and the student’s knowledge about him. This should include:

    • A brief account of Shakespeare’s life.
    • A list of his major literary works.
    • A brief account of his personal life- his wife Anne Hathaway, his children, his old age, among others.
    • Any and all controversies surrounding his legacy.
    • A short report on his scandals and feud with Christopher Marlowe.
    • His impact on modern literature and culture.
  • A note of the major characters
  • Macbeth has a plethora of interesting and engaging characters, and the one that stands out as the most captivating of the lot is Lady Macbeth. An account of all these characters should be included in the thesis paper. The paper should also incorporate the background for each character and the vices and virtues they represent. An analytical approach is appreciated when dealing with Shakespearean plays. In a nutshell, the student should be able to put across the fact through his or her paper that he or she has been able to understand the play.

  • Unconventional interpretations
  • A student is always encouraged to be a little unorthodox and not go with prevalent norms when interpreting a literary piece. The student’s own opinion counts for a lot, especially in a dissertation. His or her explanation will be accepted as long as the student is able to back up the theories with airtight justifications.

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