A General Guide For Those Who Deal With Writing A Dissertation Or A Thesis

If you are looking to write your thesis or your dissertation for that matter, the following guide should help you make an easy job of something that a lot of people struggle with so much. Your thesis should be well-organized from the beginning to the end, it should be carefully planned out to make sure that the flow of ideas is coherent and concise.

Thesis statement

Whenever you are writing a paper, you have to understand that it must have some important parts, most importantly the main idea. All the arguments that you make within the paper are supposed to mirror this idea. There should be one statement that correctly captures your main points on this particular idea, and this is what we refer to as a thesis statement.

The thesis statement is not supposed to be so long. Since it is an iteration of your main ideas, you should structure it into one or two sentences, which are concise, straightforward and very clear. In its structure, this statement does not only present a statement of the topic that you are writing on, it also gives your opinion on the topic. Therefore in the long run it should give the reader a good idea of what you are writing about and act as a guide to help them stay on course through the paper.

Positioning the thesis statement

It is always recommended that you set your thesis statement so early enough in the essay. If you are writing a short essay, you can have it in the introduction section. However in the event that your essay is rather longer, you can have it within the second paragraph so that you can give the reader an apt sense of direction. Resist the temptation to have it in the middle of the paragraph or so late in the paper to show how creative you are.

Designing the thesis statement

You have to make sure that the thesis statement is very clear, so avoid all vague terms or arguments to support it. Try to avoid the use of a lot of connective words to put your ideas together because this only shows the reader that your mind was not settled when you were writing the paper or worse – you may not have written the paper on your own.

The most important thing about the thesis statement is that if you fail to write a good one, the rest of your paper fails.

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