Dissertation Writing Tips: Organizing Your Time

If you decide to dedicate a considerable amount of your time to writing a dissertation, organizing this time would not go amiss. Planning is necessary to meet the deadlines without nerve-wrecking all-nighters and hectic last minute actions. It is essential for a PhD candidate to get rid of the bad study habit of putting tasks away for later by following these time-management tips:

  • Make a calendar.
  • It is sensible to plan the PhD program ahead, make sure you know the deadlines for submitting your drafts to the advisor, and allot enough time for editing and proofreading at the final stage. Place the calendar in a place where you will be able to see it constantly. Sometimes, it is very stimulating to observe the date drawing closer.

  • Create a schedule for everyday work.
  • Allot parts of certain days to writing your research. Make sure the time you plan to dedicate to writing your dissertation coincides with your peak times for writing. Make sure you keep the schedule, and start and finish exactly at the times you have planned. It is amazing what ideas you can miss if you finish your work five minutes earlier. You should always do the tasks that require 5 minutes to complete and not leave them for the next day, because you will spend more time making notes about them than finishing them.

  • Complete certain amounts of work each day.
  • The units of measuring this amount may vary from the number of pages to write to the number of resources to review. The main aim is to keep strictly to the norms you have set. When the daily amount of work is done, you can reward yourself by watching your favorite TV show or calling your friend. If you fail to cope with the work, you will have to complete it in addition to the daily norm the next day.

  • Make work sessions no longer than 30 minutes, and take short breaks in between them.
  • If you work too hard, you will be unable to go on one day because of emotional and physical exhaustion, and will have to spend a lot of time recovering. Therefore, overworking is as bad as incomplete work.

  • Avoid multimedia.
  • You will be greatly surprised when you find out how beneficial it is to abstain from using smartphones and computers. The time you save can be shared equally between conducting your research and communicating with your family, who are sure to miss you during the dissertation writing period.

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