List Of 10 Strong Dissertation Topics Concerning Unemployment

Unemployment is a hot topic to cover, and if you choose this topic for your dissertation then you pick one that has tons of information to use but how can you cover the subject? This list of general topics will give you an idea of how you can approach the subject. There are millions of Americans on unemployment, and you can research and figure out why that is and how it can be fixed, and you can write about it in your paper, and it might change someone’s life.

10 Dissertations Topics About Unemployment

  1. Examine all of the highest times of unemployment and see why these times had the highest rates.
  2. There has been around 50 recessions over the years, and unemployment is high during these times. Pick a recession and write about unemployment during these times.
  3. Is there a link between college graduate rates and unemployment?
  4. What causes unemployment? You can look at an individual or group, or at it as a whole.
  5. Why do some people stay on unemployment even after they are given job offers?
  6. Why is it easy for some to get unemployment benefits and harder for others? You can look at all of the factors it takes to get benefits.
  7. How can unemployment rates go down? What kind of factors has to happen for this to happen?
  8. Is outsourcing jobs to other countries increasing the unemployment rates?
  9. How can someone live on unemployment, when it is only a fraction of what the person made working?
  10. Unemployment and the economy.

When you are going to write your dissertation on unemployment, you have to choose the right topic to cover, and you will have no problem finding the information on the subject, but you will have to narrow your topic to focus on one part of it. This list should help you figure out the best way to approach the subject.

Before you start to write your dissertation, you have to make sure you check with your school and get all of the information on the format of the paper. Each school has their own format, and you have to make sure that you include all of the information that is required. Not including everything in your paper will result in your not passing and after all that work, you don’t want to fail because of something simple.

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