10 Fresh Master's Dissertation Ideas For Beginners

Your dissertation will possibly be the most difficult paper that you will complete in school. It is the last true test to ensure that you deserve that degree. It is designed to test your overall knowledge and skill in your field of study. You will be expected to come up with a new and exciting topic that is unexplored to date.

The list below is for your use in choosing a good topic. You can utilize any of these topics but it would be best to use this list to brainstorm a topic of your own. You can also take a different spin on one of these topics to ensure the originality of your work. This paper is not like a research paper where you are simply gathering information and drawing a conclusion. You have to take the information and analyze it to draw out a deeper meaning from it.

  1. Explain the view that farmers have on the agriculture in France.
  2. How well does Les Miserable portray life in France?
  3. What aspects of the French culture have resonated in other countries?
  4. What aspects of the United States have emerged in French culture?
  5. What are the proposed effects of the creation of a single European army?
  6. How is life different in a French colony from life in France?
  7. How important is blogging to an average citizen in France?
  8. Exploring energy sources of the near future.
  9. Has the importance of taking French in school in America decreased?
  10. How strong is the banking system in France since the emergence of the Euro?

Here are ten topics to get you started. Make sure that you choose one that interests you. You will be conducting extensive research on the topic and if it bores you, you will really struggle. It is better to choose a topic that catches your attention. That way when you are researching it you can have a little fun. You are going to be spending countless hours tied to this project and any way to make it a little more interesting will of you some good.

The average dissertation is around forty pages long. That means it is probably four times as big as your last term paper. The research that you will need to conduct will be more in depth as well. Take this into account when planning your timing. You don’t want to wait until the last week because it usually only takes you a few days to write a term paper.

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