Sociology dissertation topics: 10 great ideas you have never thought of

Sociology studies societies and practitioners in the field look closely at phenomena that outsiders bypass without a second thought. Because societies are made up of people, systems, cultures and other elements, Sociology can at times seem to straddle the fields of Economics, Psychology, Criminology and even a few others. This can be a blessing in disguise when it comes to picking dissertation topics. Here are a few unconventional ones:

Has the institution of marriage been affected by greater gender equality?

Historically women have had little say in their choice of husbands. This paper can look at the changes in that system.

Does the increased use of smart devices fuel a sense of anomie in young people?

With face-to-face interactions becoming less important this paper can explore if anomie should be expected to increase proportionally.

How does gender based discrimination affect intersex and transgender individuals?

The types of discrimination suffered specifically by non binary individuals can be explored in this dissertation.

Have modern Societies developed beyond old definitions of Capitalist and Communist?

This dissertation can look into the ways that countries that appeared at one point to be clearly capitalist have adopted more communist policies and vice versa.

Would Karl Marx have labeled the internet as the new opiate of the masses?

A dissertation on this topic would parallel the importance of the internet in the lives of modern people with religion to previous generations.

Is the difference between crime and perception of crime one driven by classism?

This dissertation would look into how crime is labeled and reported to favor the rich.

Does religious participation significantly impact academic performance?

This controversial dissertation would look into how religion can motivate or demotivate students academically.

In the modern era, how hidden is the hidden curriculum?

This dissertation would look into how access to huge amounts of information can make it more difficult for children to be unwittingly indoctrinated into their society’s norms.

Has the Protestant Ethic fully left American Consciousness?

The doctrine that lead to American success seems to be less successful in modern times and reasons for this can be unearthed in this dissertation.

How is the assimilation of group norms weakened by the accessibility of several alternative norms via the web?

This topic is self explanatory.

By attempting short mock-ups for several of the topics you can get a feel for which direction you would prefer to take in your actual dissertation.

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