How To Prepare For The Dissertation Defense

Once you get to the point when you have to defend your dissertation, you are so close to the end. The dissertation defense is one of the last things that you have to do to complete your degree. It is important that you are prepared. The defense is a great exercise. You will have to present your main arguments. There will also be a time for questions and discussion.

For your defense, you will have to present the arguments that you discussed in your paper and answer and questions that the board may have. It is ideal that you show that you have a solid understanding of your topic but that you have an idea of the counter arguments as well. The board will then meet to evaluate the quality of both your presentation and your dissertation.

Here are some steps to preparing your dissertation defense

  1. Determine your school’s process
  2. Every school is different. The first thing that you would want to do is to find out how the process works at your school. It is important to know whether you will defend your case before or after you have written your dissertation. You will also want to know how long it will be and if there are any other aspects that may help you feel more comfortable.

  3. Practice
  4. You are going to be nervous at your defense. The best way to fight the nerves is to practice over and over again. The more times you practice; the better off you will present your information. Like any other time when you will need to perform, you will have to practice for your dissertation defense. If your school offers any events where you can go and present your argument to an audience, take advantage of it.

  5. Attend a classmates defense
  6. Watching a classmate go through the process can be very beneficial. You will be able to get a front row seat to how the process works. You can study the facial expressions of the board to see what things worked for your classmate and which things failed. You should be able to tell by the looks on the faces of the board members unless they have mastered the art of hiding their expressions.

These steps are great for preparing for your dissertation defense. Now all you have to do is make sure that you know your work thoroughly. Make sure you look presentable and professional when you come to your defense and be confident.

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