Proofreading A Dissertation: How To Spot Common Mistakes

Postgraduate students, in a manner of speaking, burn the midnight oil to complete their dissertations. This is a must to pass the course and this takes up lot of planning and management. You must take every care in producing a suggestive and impacting work to your faculty members.

Choose the topic well

You may choose among the various topics available to write your dissertation. However, you must be sure of one matter; that you are well grounded on the subject. Taking up a topic you are only remotely knowledgeable about will not help sharpen the edges.

Concretize and opine

Dissertation sounds a very elaborate word and does justice to its diction. You have to express your opinions and also give the facts of the matter in a lucid presentable manner. It goes without saying that even the most cursory error can damage the texture of your work.

Proofread with precision

It is very easy, in fact, to make mistakes. Thus, it is pivotal to proofread the dissertation with a laser eye, stopping and pontificating on crucial junctures. Assess the fluency and progression of your work and whether it has been written in a compact manner or not.

Avoid all sorts of mistakes

It is essential to avoid mistakes, whether common or rare in your work. You should start from the introduction itself and evaluate whether you will be able to incite reader’s curiosity. Look whether you have placed your gratitude to those who made your dissertation possible.

Necessity of correct-referencing

Go through the references points and see the harmony of it. Often students relate wrong citations to spaces and make a mix. Nothing can be more disastrous than that. Be precise in referring to the materials you have been inspired from.

Involve in diligent research

Do your research in an eclectic manner, covering different perspectives. Go with the line of the topic; do not digress. Most students do their research but most of it is off the mark. This is catastrophic.

Check the format

You should check the format (APA, Chicago and MLA formats are the most popular). Do not use APA format in one page and MLA in the other. Be consistent. Also, check the status of punctuations; they ought to have been placed and placed at the right places in the dissertation.

Stay within parameters

Also, do not go with the flow and write a verbose piece just because you have too many points to discuss. Stay within the word limit and pick only the crisp points; leaving aside the mundane ones.

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