Where To Find Dissertation Topics In Mathematics Online For Free?

Students who pursue mathematics at higher levels are often looked at as a sort of elite group. The calculations that they must not only be capable of completing but fully understanding are of a stratus of complexity that most minds are simply not well enough trained to conceptualize. Regardless, in the writing of a dissertation in that field, deciding on a topic can be a difficult process for any of the following reasons:


Many readers may be unable to understand the more technical mathematical topics but having an idea with mass appeal is one of the best ways to get funding and become known.

Research options

Some of the most fascinating ideas in the field are hard to test or at least so hard to prove that they remain untouchable. This is part of the reason for their continued fascination.


If the concept you want to delve into is likely to be pursued by someone else of similar talent or even more talent than you, consider a change. You would be better off writing something a bit different so that your work still stands out.

So in your search for ideas, where can you begin?

The internet

There are many people who devote their lives to mathematical concepts and discuss them online frequently. Consider checking out what they’ve been talking about and see if that sparks your imagination or even directly gives you a topic.

Old text books

Math has been studied since ancient times in one form or another. Think about the precision that was required to complete some of the wonders of the world. Calculations were the backbone of every major ancient construction project. No matter how old a text book is you can gain something from checking out their pressing questions. Older books also have a different cultural context which, though subtle in math can still lead to a difference in presentation that creates a significant difference in your own topics.

Intellectual debates with your contemporaries

Get together a few other people who also need some dissertation ideas and start talking to each other. You can brainstorm some new ideas that would not have come to you as easily as separate entities but flow well in a group setting.

Math may be more suited to action than words but if you try hard enough you can find the type of topic that inspires you to write.

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