Where To Go Searching For Free Master's Dissertation Acknowledgements Examples

The acknowledgement section of your dissertation is a strange one. You will be required to thank people who have helped you throughout the process of researching and writing your paper and it will be expected to be well done but you should not be marked on it. Furthermore, it is supposed to sound honest even though it’s considered poor taste to exclude people who may have been very difficult to work with but occupy high positions in your faculty. Nonetheless, here are some places you can start looking if you want an example that clearly shows you how it’s done.

The internet

This will quickly give you more samples than you know what to do with. There will even be funny ones which say exactly who was helpful and who was decidedly not. These are great for a quick laugh but will do very little to make your writing better so don’t use them as a format for your own work. Look for the ones that obey the following rules:

  • Brevity
  • Honesty
  • Wit
  • Completeness

The faculty

Having been the recipients of questionable acknowledgements in the past, they will gladly hand over examples of the better ones they have received over the years. On seeing a well done acknowledgement, it helps to try to emulate the spirit of the document rather than try to get as close to reproducing it verbatim as possible. A work of art is in part prized for its originality and if everyone thanked the same people in the same way each time, the tradition would soon lose popularity.

The other masters’ students

If you need to thank someone, chances are the rest of your class will too. By comparing your list with them directly you lessen the risks of forgetting someone important. More than that, if you use the samples they have found you may better understand the way that section should be done.

The sample section of a writing service

Acknowledgements end up here because they are so personal they are hard to copy for one’s own use. They also give a great idea of how well someone writes. You can read as many of these as you like for no money and you will even be encouraged by the company to return. They’ll be hoping you eventually make a purchase.

This section of the dissertation shouldn’t be too hard in the end.

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