Top 20 Marine Biology Dissertation Ideas: Coming Up With Perfect Topics

The ocean covers the largest portion of our planet. It is home to different organisms that are studied by marine biology. It is very interesting field of study that can give us an insight into the basics of the life itself since it began in the ocean. Use the following list of ideas to develop a perfect topic for your dissertation.

  1. The history of marine biology.
  2. The first written records date back to 1200 BC when the first ocean voyages began. You can devote your dissertation to the early expeditions or the exploration of the deep sea and their impact on the studies.

  3. The future of the science.
  4. It is know that only 5% of the Sea has been studied. What is the next step in ocean exploration?

  5. Famous scientists and explorers.
  6. Who were those people who managed to bring wonders of the underwater world to ordinary people?

  7. Global change.
  8. How do temperature rising affect sea life? What should we expect in future?

  9. Ocean pollution.
  10. What is needed to be done to protect the ocean? Is sea pollution dangerous for humans?

  11. Coral reefs.
  12. How were coral reefs formed? Reefs as an ecosystem: How do different species cooperate with each other?

  13. Whale migration.
  14. Why does it happen? What are the types of these migrations?

  15. Oil spills.
  16. What are the environmental effects of oil spills? Recovery process: How long will it take?

  17. Endangered marine species.
  18. How can we protect threatened animals? How does pollution affect them?

  19. Life on the deep ocean floor.
  20. What are species that live on the sea bottom? What is their life in complete darkness under tremendous water pressure?

  21. Marine mammals.
  22. What are the biggest threats mammals face today?

  23. Aquaculture.
  24. Why is aquaculture important? Aquaculture activities around the globe: methods and prospects.

  25. Ocean circulation.
  26. Has global warming changed ocean currents? Why?

  27. Coastal processes.
  28. How do marine processes influence coastal environment?

  29. Microscopic life in the Sea.
  30. Is microscopic life important for the ocean ecosystem?

  31. Freshwater ecosystem.
  32. Does freshwater fauna extinct? How can we stop it?

  33. Aquatic toxicology.
  34. What is the role of aquatic toxicology in America? What is the effect of the toxicity testing?

  35. Marine resources.
  36. We continue exhausting the ocean environment to satisfy our needs. Can it ever recover from such a pressure?

  37. Dolphin echolocation.
  38. Can they actually see using echolocation?

  39. Dead zones.
  40. Why do dead zones spread? What measures are in place to prevent their spread?

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