A List Of 25 Interesting Ideas For Writing An Illustration Dissertation

Argumentative topics require explanation and that is done through illustrating the subject in an articulate manner. One needs to cite several examples to support the points made. However, if dissertation is related to the subject of illustration, it would require exploration of the possibilities that art of illustration has. The illustrator has to capture the happenings around the world and make comments after becoming skilled in the art of illustration and writing.

Usually, these types of assignments are made part of the curriculum in universities and colleges to help in the growth of students as responsible individuals who can take up projects and finish them on time. The students are expected to observe and understand whatever is taught throughout the year and at the end they are asked to present writing based on illustration.

Students must remember the scope the assignment to be within the limits of the syllabus. With this type of work a student is required to show the skills earned during the process of learning and implement them based on their observation made during the course.

Here are some topics related to the subject of illustration as well as topics related to illustrative dissertation:

  1. How to illustrate the solution of a problem through images?
  2. The ethics that an illustrator should always follow.
  3. How can art positively affect the society- socially, politically and culturally?
  4. Exploring the new areas related to illustration.
  5. Environmental problems and how they can be expressed through illustration.
  6. How to choose the right college and things to keep in mind?
  7. The reasons behind the sudden drop in gold prices.
  8. How to amalgamate traditional ideas with modern methods?
  9. The impact of new technology in the work of illustration.
  10. A close look at digital illustration.
  11. The principles of illustration to pep up every project.
  12. Principles of drawing applied on illustration
  13. How illustration evolved and a close look at the history.
  14. Advanced narrative illustration-A Discussion.
  15. Use of illustration in animation.
  16. Analysis of advertising illustration.
  17. How to produce a good illustration.
  18. How to judge the aesthetics at every level of illustration?
  19. A detailed discussion on Sequential and Narrative illustration.
  20. How you can use illustration in communication?
  21. The path cocaine takes from its origin in Columbia to the world market.
  22. Impact of religion on lifestyle.
  23. The negative effect of media on society.
  24. Illustrate the methods adopted by an auctioneer to lure attractive bidders
  25. The addiction of alcohol and how one gets dependent on it.

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