Some advice on how to use a dissertation example

A dissertation example is a dissertation written from start to finish. Some see it as a writing guide. It is a completed project that students use when they need ideas or want writing help. This is a good writing tool when you are not sure how to write a dissertation when tackling the task on your own. When considering an example for personal use, here are a few points to consider that can help you get the most usage out of it.

  • Get topic ideas via brainstorming. You can get help with topic ideas from good examples. They can encourage brainstorming and you get insight on what you would be interested in writing about. You will learn about a lot of interesting topics. They will range from different levels and help you understand what you can choose that is suitable for your project.
  • Understand structure and organization of your paper. Many students working on a dissertation for the first may not have an idea of how to structure or organize their content. They know they will need to research their topic carefully. Yet, it can get overwhelming knowing you need to produce several pages of content. A good example will show you what you need to do for your topic and how to do it properly.
  • Take notes on what you should and should not do for your topic. You may find examples similar to the topic you want to write about. Well, just because the example is available doesn’t mean you will do exactly the same thing. You may find concepts or ways to provide information complex or difficult to understand. In other words, you may get ideas on what you want to do for your own work. You may find elements you want to avoid (misuse of words, grammar errors, lack of evidence, etc.).
  • Use as a study model for your own work. Studying an example should give an idea of how you want your work to look when you are finished. It may not be easy gathering information in the beginning, but an example will help you understand what to do with what you learned.
  • Help you make an outline. You can make an outline based on how the example is written. It is even better when the example has sections and parts your paper is required to have.

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