Academic writing tips: where to get dissertation topic examples

Your dissertation is a large endeavor. It is a paper that you will spend a great deal of time with, one which takes place over the course of years. It is one of the biggest and perhaps most important papers you will write during the course of your academic time. The dissertation is what sets you apart. It is what shows you advisor and your review committee that you can conduct thorough research without any help and that you are able to contribute something to your field. Your goal is to prove that you will be a viable academic asset to the community and that you will continue to bring things to the community. With so much emphasis on the dissertation, it is no wonder that many students are afraid of failing and are unsure of how to begin.

If you are unsure of how to begin your dissertation, you can turn to a dissertation sample. Sample papers are one of the best ways for you to learn. A dissertation is a unique paper, and one that you will likely only write once in your life. That being said, your exposure to this style of writing and the demands that accompany it are likely limited. You may have great writing skills and you may have spent years acquiring research skills, but the dissertation is where you have to put all of those skills to the test. It is where you have to put forth all of your effort and concentration. Not knowing what all is expected or what all you need to do can be daunting. But looking over a sample dissertation will show you the style of writing that is expected. It will show you what the paper should look like physically when you are done formatting it. There are many places that you can find sample dissertations:

  • You can find examples from your school library. Finding examples from your school will give you the best insight into the format required of you.
  • You can find examples in your school library from your department or listed on the web page for your department. Finding examples from your department will show you what others in your field have contributed to the field and what else you can contribute.
  • You can ask your advisor for examples or samples that have been approved by the review committee you have. Finding examples of published papers that were approved by your review committee will show you exactly what they expect and what they consider “high quality”.

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