Hiring A Reliable Dissertation Writer: Tips To Take Into Account

You have decided to hire a writer to work on your dissertation for you. You have evaluated the websites and narrowed down your decision. The only thing left is to actually hire the writer, but how do you know what qualities that writer should have? When it comes to choosing your writer, you should not take the decision lightly. There are a few tips to take into account:

  • Ask for your writer’s education credentials. You should know whether or not your writer of choice has actually written a dissertation. It is also helpful to know if the writer has earned an advanced degree. You should be able to ask about the school that granted the degree, too. Never hire a writer who has not written a dissertation. You do not want your writer to practice with your paper and your academic reputation.
  • Ask about your writer’s work history. Anyone who has written a dissertation should have a work history. Since you are looking for someone to write an important paper, the writer you are considering should have experience writing, teaching, or editing. It can be helpful to see what your candidate has written, even if you only get to see short essays, blogs, or email communications. Your writer should be able to clearly communicate in writing.
  • Ask about your writer’s experience with documentation styles. There are several different styles of documenting and citing your sources. Most writers are familiar with APA and MLA, but you might need to use a lesser known formatting style for your project. Hopefully the writer you choose will know how to use any documentation style because your writer is a skilled researcher. You can ask to see samples of documented, edited, and formatted projects to see what your writer is capable of doing.
  • Ask about the other dissertation projects your writer has completed. You do not need to know all of the details, but it can be helpful to know what subjects your writer can argue effectively and what subjects your writer would prefer to avoid. Your writer might be willing to show you an abstract or another piece of the dissertation so you can see the writer’s voice and style when writing about a safe subject.
  • Ask about your writer’s researching skills. Your writer should know how to access databases and other collegiate researching tools. If your writer is unfamiliar with high quality source materials, then you should move on and find someone else.

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