Choosing The Best Dissertation Topics In Health Care Management

For someone in the health care management field, choosing a dissertation topic is not too difficult. That’s because it’s an ever-growing industry and the increase is not expected to suddenly die off. As the population ages, the need for services in the health care and people in health care management only increases.

The combination of plentiful job opportunities plus ongoing research into making the industry more effective and efficient means there are many new topic ideas opening up to students conducting research and writing dissertations in this industry.

Topic ideas for you to brainstorm with

  1. Wounds that don’t heal: the issue of medical malpractice in the 20th Century
  2. A comprehensive analysis of medical malpractice
  3. How does medical malpractice affect rates of physician migration
  4. Changes that need to be made in handling medical malpractice liability claims
  5. Medical tourism: how does travelling overseas for medical treatment affect the quality of care offered?
  6. The culture of blame in medicine – errors, nurses and who is pointing the finger
  7. How a multidisciplinary approach can best address the needs of primary care for older adults
  8. What opportunities and impediments exist in the health and support services for frail elderly people?
  9. Developing solutions on the community level for the care of frail elders
  10. Who should pay for the care of disabled elderly persons?
  11. Should families be compensated for the care of their elderly family members? How should this topic be approached?
  12. What strategies need to be employed when it comes to therapy for the elderly adult? How can their lives be uplifted with greater hope and meaning?
  13. What issues and challenges are faced by ethnic persons facing long-term care and how can these challenges be met and the issues solved?
  14. The theory and practice of health communication
  15. Evidence-based communication in the health care management industry
  16. Is there a need for behavior change in public health communication styles?
  17. How do health and communication go hand in hand in a multi-ethnic society?

When you use a list such as the one above to find the topic idea that’s perfect for you, keep in mind these are only ideas. You need to find a unique approach to the question, ensure it hasn’t already been covered in the literature, and narrow it down sufficiently so that you can adequately cover it within the scope of your research.

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