Where To Search For A Decent PhD Dissertation Sample Online

It is no secret that students learn best when they can look at examples. This is true for students in elementary school, high school, college, and beyond. Even students working on their PhD dissertation can benefit from seeing examples of the major papers they need to write. Unfortunately, teachers are reluctant to give students examples, because teachers fear that their students will copy them and that the samples will reduce creativity. This means that students have to find their own examples.

Use a Collegiate Writing Lab

When you are looking for examples of PhD dissertations, you can find them in several places. One of the best spots is any online writing lab from any college or university. These websites include more than just sample papers, so they are useful for all aspects of writing. They include samples of the entire project and the little pieces they need, as well as tutorials, so if you are stuck on in a writing situation you can find the help you need. Many of the sites will include tutorials about documenting sources in nearly every major type of formatting style.

Check Out Your College’s Databases

Another helpful place to find PhD project samples is the college where you are enrolled. Schools keep the dissertations in a database so they are not only on campus, they are searchable. At this point in time, most schools should have them in online databases so they can be readily searched by any student or researcher who needs timely research and analysis. It can be helpful to print your favorite one, break it down into vital parts, and use the paper as a template for your own project.

Writing Sites Offer Free Samples

You can also find sample projects on writing websites that sell papers to students. The dissertations might not be of the same quality as the ones that are available through college databases and websites, but they often work well. Most writing websites have free samples available for their potential customers. They offer them so their customers can see what is available if they purchase from their sites. If you do happen to use a sample from a for-profit writing website, it is important to never use any part of the sample in your dissertation. Many writers will pick dissertations about completely different topics so they are not tempted to plagiarize.

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