Where To Look For Free MBA Dissertations On Leadership

Writing an MBA dissertation on leadership sounds easy but it could turn out to be a nightmare. There are a lot of topics to discuss on leadership. The challenge lies in choosing the best topic and executing it in an outstanding manner. Before even looking for a template from any source, you should know the following.

  • Your supervisor will make it easy of difficult- the supervisor is meant to guide you through the writing process. He offers directions on research, presentation style and framing your ideas, among other aspects. He is the first source of criticism for your work. If you are finding it difficult to work with the current supervisor, it is advisable to change. Change should be made as early as possible.
  • It demands time and commitment- a lot of research goes into writing a dissertation. Furthermore, most of the materials you gather will not go into the final copy. You will be required to spend days in the library only to end up with one page write-up. It will affect your social life, but the sacrifice is worth it.
  • The best thing you will do is finish- during the study period, the thought of your MBA dissertation on leadership will pop up anytime and anywhere. The best solution is to complete the work as fast as possible. Assign time consistently and plan to complete it before the set deadline. Do not, however, ignore other engagements.

There are incredible sources of samples on leadership for use in writing your MBA dissertation. Only a few of these sources are credible.

  1. From the faculty
  2. Over the years your faculty has accumulated incredible resources. A request may be made through the supervisor. This guarantees a sample that is properly presented considering that you will be expected to produce a similar copy. It may also contain directions and comments by the supervisor that are useful in writing your own.

  3. Online
  4. Online academic resource websites offer numerous samples on a variety of topics. The danger with these sources is credibility. You are never assured that the dissertation was written by a real student and if it meets required academic standards.

  5. Library
  6. Local and online libraries stock a variety of materials for reference purposes. Variety means a chance to compare different topics, presentation styles and formatting, among other details. Libraries are professional academic structures and will therefore stock credible dissertation samples.

  7. Ask a friend
  8. A colleague in the same class or a senior could be in possession of very nice samples. Enquire in your class or from those who graduated before you. A friend may also refer you to a source with specific topics.

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