Getting Some Thesis Writing Help Using Off- And Online Resources

If you need some thesis writing help, you can use offline and online resources.

Offline Resources

If you are working on a thesis and in need of offline resources, consider the following:

Your Advisor

Your advisor is there to help you. They can provide you with the offline assistance you need. You can contact them for regular meetings, you can meet with your advisor, or TA, during office hours. You can ask questions, have them review certain sections or chapters of your work and provide feedback, or just be that person who encourages you when you are down.

Your Classmates

Other classmates can also offer offline support. For example: if you meet with other students regularly to work on homework (Or in your case, your thesis) it can provide you with that bit of accountability that is so often lost when working by yourself. Sometimes it can help just to have someone there to help you out. If you have other people in the room, watching you, then you are much less likely to turn on a social network page and review photos of other students casually, or check your phone every two minutes just to kill time.

Your Friends

If your classmates are not helpful, you can turn to your friends. Consider your friends as an accountability partner. Find a friend you know well and trust, and give them a copy of your self-made schedule for completing your thesis. Have them remind you regularly of upcoming deadlines, check that you passed certain milestones, and give you encouragement when it is needed. This little bit of help can go a long way when working on a thesis.

Online Resources

If you are working on a thesis and in need of online resources, consider the following:

Internet Forums or Blogs

There are countless resources online which are designed to help students working on a thesis. These resources might be in the form of a blog with helpful tips and tricks, written by a student who recently completed their thesis. It might be an educational website that offers helpful advice, as provided by teachers or review boards who so often catch the same thesis mistakes made by their students.

In any case, you can turn to the internet to find a great deal of tips, tricks, and motivational tactics to keep you on track while writing your thesis.

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