Dissertation Topics On Media – List Of Unique Ideas

If you are on the verge of writing an academic paper on the media, you will first need to decide the kind of media on which you are writing. There are several people who would prefer entertainment media over other forms of the media. Then there are others who would tell the sports media apart from any other form.

But the basic implication when you say media is the one that conveys the news and not the entertainment media. And that is also the accepted standard across the academic writing industry. There are some people that are actually concerned about this level of clarity. But you will have to avoid such doubts and then look at the possibility of choosing the right topics.

The right kind of topics

The right topics on media need to raise questions people can relate with the concurrent way the media is working in the democratic nature of the world. Here are a few topics that you can consider as and when the meaning and relevance appeal to you.

Unique ideas on dissertation on media

  • How has the media of the world evolved ever since the end of the World War II?
  • Media shapes opinions on global affairs: which language casts the most influence?
  • Do countries like Russia and China miss out tricks by not being able to shape global opinions through their respective English media?
  • Why do so many Indians hurl random abuses at their mainstream media: is mainstream media in India really sold to corporate and political vested interests?
  • How would you relate to the term “paid media” and “sold journalism” that have evolved in the Indian media ever since the present government came into power in India?
  • Is it true that the editorial lines of major American news channels cannot be aired without approval from the central agencies?
  • How has the American media demonized terrorism, a threat which has killed far less people than the lax healthcare of the nation?
  • Is it true that the media is the fourth pillar of democracy?
  • What is the role of the media when the companies and organizations that fund political parties also fund media houses?
  • Is it true that the same media group thrives by running two polar opposite versions of the same editorial line?
  • Some of the basics of Right Wing media: how would you describe the emerging phenomenon?
  • Take a look at the way media shapes information in the third world

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