A List Of Winning Dissertation Topics On Globalization

The meaning of the term globalization can be a subject for discussion for many. Some people argue that globalization is about integration of politics and cultures. Other people suggest that globalization has been characterized by the developed nations exploiting the poor nations as they take advantage of cheap labor to generate higher profits. However, there is one thing that everyone agrees; that globalization is here with us and it is serving to bring the global economies together. With globalization being such a great force, it is not hard to find a topic for your dissertation if only you will think seriously and narrow down the prospective topics. Here is a list of dissertation topics that you can write about on globalization.

  • Outsourcing trends
  • Outsourcing is a great product of globalization. This involves relocating of production, manufacturing and distribution roles in other countries. Today, we have many large corporations that outsource their responsibilities in a bid to save money on products. With outsourcing, jobs are moved to countries that accept lower rate of pay. One of the countries that has benefited most when it comes to outsourcing is India. This means that outsourcing trends is one of the major topics that you can consider for your dissertation topic.

  • A specific industry or market
  • For every industry or market, globalization is different in regard to motivations, key players, logistics as well as many other factors. For instance, globalization occurring in the hospitality industry is different from the globalization that is occurring in the music industry. You can choose a specific market or industry to write on before studying the effects and causes of globalization relating to it. You can also use your globalization research paper to understand the meaning of international operations for companies, consumers and employees.

  • Domestic effects of globalization
  • You can also write about the domestic effects of globalization in the last 5 years. For instance, you can research about organizations that are for or even against globalization. You can argue about the effects of the campaign to buy products that are made in the United States.

Other globalization topics that you can choose for your dissertation include:

  • Negative aspects of globalization
  • How globalization is driven by culture
  • How globalization impacts developing countries
  • Impact of globalization on the sovereignty of states
  • How globalization has impacted the automotive industry
  • Globalization through social networking
  • The benefits of globalization
  • Globalization
  • How globalization has affected interconnectivity
  • How globalization affects different cultures of the world

With these ideas, it is possible to a have a great dissertation topic on globalization.

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