How To Prepare Yourself For The Dissertation Defence: Suggestions For Students

Getting ready to defend your paper against a panel of teachers and other individuals can be a hard thing for a lot of students. This is the one time in your life when you need to draw on as much of your confidence as possible because a lack of it will only mean that you will falter to deceive and end up making a mess out of the entire process. You would not want to fall short of expectations, considering that this is the one place where all your hard work eventually pays off, all the research that you have done into the paper finally comes to pass and you are faced with that final step of proving to everyone else that your work is a class act.

Those students who have been in public speaking classes, or those who have been engaging in debate sessions end up having an easier time when they are presenting their dissertations in front of a panel because they have enjoyed previous experience with making presentations from time to time. On the other hand for those students who have never been in such a situation before, there is a good chance that you may need a few sessions here and there to learn how to go through this.

Confidence is mandatory

There is nothing as important as being confident in your work. This is an important thing that no student should take for granted. While you are presenting and defending your thesis paper, there is a good chance that the panel of teachers to who you are making the presentation will pay not so much attention to your paper, because after all, you have sent it to them before and they have had the chance to go through it.

What they will be looking at during this session is your ability to convincingly deliver your paper on a literary platform. They will award marks for different elements of presentation, from your confidence level to how articulate you are in discussing the major points.

Marks will also be awarded for your ability to respond to particular questions that they will throw at you, and how you engage the audience, interactively. Do not fear anything, because by the end of the day, you only get a few minutes to present the dissertation and it’s all over.

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