Creating A Strong Conclusion For A Dissertation On Radio And Television

If you are writing a dissertation on radio or television or both, you need to end it on a note that appeals not just your examiner, but readers in general. In other words, you need to capture the bigger question or topic of debate that lies beyond the most obvious. For example, if you are writing on the effects of soap serials in the minds of kids, you need to wrap it up with giving a remedy on how soaps can be censored and edited for family viewing.

The golden rules of writing a conclusion

It does not really matter whether you are writing a conclusion to an essay on radio or television or some other topic you need to follow the basics of writing a conclusion. What is a conclusion of an essay and how exactly it relates to the other parts of your essay? Well, a conclusion is the tail end of your research paper and it should join the dots to give your reader a complete overview of the topic once again, in a nutshell. The conclusion would remind your readers of the basic objectives of your research paper and it will be kind of a recap of what you said plus your own closing comments should succeed.

Here’s how you should frame the conclusion part of the dissertation.

  • Keep it short and tidy. There are many students who feel like they had a lot of things to talk about but they somehow missed those points. What they do is hard press these pointers into the conclusion part of the essay only, which is a strict no-no. If you want to add a good conclusion, read your entire essay once again and find out the logical flow. Based on this assessment, frame a conclusion that reflects the central idea of your essay on radio and television.
  • Include your closing thoughts in the conclusion part. Simply feel free to write one or two sentences on what you think about the topic and connect the loose ends. Remember your conclusion should correspond with the introduction part of your essay and should in complete harmony. If you deviate from the main topic and write on something else that is not so close to the main topic, you are writing a bad conclusion.
  • Avoid including statistical data in your conclusion part. This is where your readers would reach and take a deep breath and try to understand once again what you have written. Better if you do not overburden them with facts and figures in this section as well.

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