How Write The Best Dissertation Conclusion: A Professional Tutorial

When the introduction and body of your dissertation is written, you should think about the conclusion. This is an important part of a paper where you should write your final words related to your topic. How should a decent conclusion look like? Read the tips below and you’ll find the answer on this question.

  1. Make a brief summary.
  2. A dissertation is a paper that contains plenty of information. It’s likely that your readers won’t be able to remember everything they read. It’s advisable to give brief summary of your points in the introduction to refresh your readers’ memory about your research. In this case, it’ll be easier for them to understand your final statements.

  3. Discuss the results of your research.
  4. In the body of your paper you should’ve presented the results of your research. In the conclusion you may discuss them and express your own opinion on this matter. Tell whether the results have met your expectations or appeared to be absolutely different from what you expected.

  5. State the significance of your work.
  6. In the conclusion you should explain to your readers why it was important to conduct your research. Indicate how your work might change the view on your topic. If you cannot explain the importance of your research, your readers may consider it to be pointless, and this won’t have a positive effect on your score.

  7. Propose ways for future research.
  8. No matter how good was the work that you’ve done, there is always more to research in the future. Write about the things that you didn’t investigate in your dissertation and explain to your readers how they might be researched by other specialists.

  9. Restate your thesis statement.
  10. In a final paragraph of your introduction you may restate your thesis statement. However, you shouldn’t copy it from the introduction. Make it broader and more explanatory this time. This will help you express your final words related to your topic and conclude your work appropriately.

Keep in mind that the conclusion is a part of a paper where you have to summarize your thoughts rather than present new ones. If you mention a new point that is relevant to your topic, but wasn’t explained in the body of your paper, it might confuse your readers. Your professor will also notice this, and it’s likely that such a silly mistake might negatively affect your score even if other sections of your dissertation are composed perfectly.

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