How To Come Up With Criminology Master's Dissertation Topics

You must have read about crime in a thoroughly engaging manner in the books of Sherlock Holmes; but the reality can be quite harrowing. It is extremely hard to discern where the psyche for crime evolves: a perfect looking gentleman may actually be a serial killer.

  • Attempt to streamline
  • While writing a maser’s dissertation on criminology, you should attempt to stick to a particular segment of criminology. It may be racism-oriented, sexually-oriented or habit oriented among other classifications.

  • The startling confusions
  • There sometimes arise boggling confusions in what appears to be a straight case. Take the instance of an alleged rape. Now, there is also a chance that it was the male who was abused. It may also be a case of false allegation by the women in the surety that she would surely have a bigger voice. Thus, dig deep with your dissertation.

  • Assessing the background
  • Criminologists often go deep into the criminal’s background to assess the emergence of such desperate psyche. The effects are astounding; while some do have shady, poor and criminal background; there also are those with perfectly healthy families. Your dissertation may get rich in this context.

  • The lure of addiction
  • Sometimes, crime erupts out of a recurring habit or an addiction; especially the latter. With the advent of Internet, the task for criminologists has become grossly complicated. It is all the more hard to pen a dissertation on the matter. With online gestures, stalking has taken a whole new dimension.

  • The new wave
  • The bootleggers, bandits and pirates of old have given way to date rape, sodomy and psycho killing. Often, the criminal mind gets so convoluted that it becomes hard to trace the designs. Your dissertation therefore needs to be extremely intrusive and understanding.

Here are 10 scathing dissertation topics on criminology for your perusal

  1. Do past criminals have better acuity for the profile of a criminologist?
  2. How can one restrain and choke racism-aggravated crime?
  3. Will harsh laws actually manage to keep sex offenses under control?
  4. Do social media sites have it in him to play the new mafia 10 years from now?
  5. Are certain criminals victimized for the oppressions of their batch-mate or caste-mates?
  6. A study of prisoner’s treatment in macabre jails the world over
  7. How to deal with the terrorist financers, considering they cast a huge net
  8. Is it ethical to relate a criminal’s act with his upbringing?
  9. Suggest the patterns behind the feeling that police is the biggest goon around
  10. The impact of 9/11 or London bombing on adolescents

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