Setting timescales for writing a graduate school thesis - why does it so long to make a good paper?

Any student who has reached graduate school will know that the standard of work to be presented in any form of thesis is as high as it has ever been. By now you will be a specialist in a certain aspect of your academic studies and will be expected to produce work of the highest standard. All the more reason why you should spend the appropriate amount of time in planning and preparation.

To the question of ‘why does it take so long to make a good paper’, the answer is quite simple. By graduate school you are assumed to be an expert in a particular area of study. As an expert you will present an expert thesis. Not only will the writing of the thesis be clear, confident and full of relevant and valuable information, the reference to other material you have read and studied in preparation will be evident. All of these activities take time. You cannot read widely, take appropriate notes and then take the time to consider them in planning your thesis in a short time. In fact it's a considerable amount of time before you can come up with the goods.

Timescales are a good for a variety of reasons

It's vital that you have an overall picture of your graduate school thesis and you can achieve that through two means. First your plan or outline will be detailed and structurally correct. And the second is a timetable which will be like a roadmap. Here you will have several stages in the creation of your thesis. There will be various mileposts along the journey such as the completion of your research activities, the completion of your plan or outline and then the beginning, middle and the end of your writing activities. Another milestone will include the proofreading and editing of your work.

Having these milestones clearly set out in a timetable will keep you on track. It enables you to see the progress you have made and acts as a diary entry on your progress. By allowing yourself the appropriate amount of time to perform the various tasks in the creation of your thesis, you are able to see at a glance just where you are at on the journey. If you find yourself falling behind you can take appropriate action. If you find yourself getting ahead of the timetable then this will enable you to growin confidence.

There will always be constant consultation with your supervisor in all matters regarding your thesis. But a lot of the responsibility will fall on your own shoulders. The better you prepare, the better will be your writing and the greater your chance of success.

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