For those who are stuck: 5 useful dissertation ideas


How to write an outstanding dissertation?

  • Step One: The writer must take time to choose a good research topic for the dissertation.
  • Step Two: Before writing the dissertation, it is best to draft an outline of the paper to get a feel of how it will be written.
  • Step Three: One must ensure to do enough research on the chosen topic and have piled up enough reliable sources for the dissertation.
  • Step Four: When writing the dissertation, it is good for the student to seek guidance and support from their professor during the writing process.
  • Step Five: The writer should always write at least two rough drafts of the dissertation before doing the finalized copy.
  • Step Six: When the finalized copy of the dissertation is complete, ensure to have a professional editor or proofreader review the dissertation.
  • Step Seven: The professional editor or professional proofreader will ensure to check the dissertation for correct structure of sentences, all words are spelled correctly, and all grammar is correct.
  • Step Eight: With the proofreading portion of the dissertation, one will ensure that all cited sources are credible and correctly cited.
  • Step Ten: Before turning in the dissertation to the graduate committee, should have at least three individuals read the dissertation for substance and meaning.

Here are five pointers or ideas one can use if stuck with writing their dissertation:

  • Tip One: Take a break from writing the dissertation for a day or two because this will help to refresh their memory and relax their brain.
  • Tip Two: The student must ensure that they start writing their dissertation right away to ensure that they have allocated enough time to complete it.
  • Tip Three: One should not be afraid to ask for assistance or help from their professor or classmates if stuck in the writing process.
  •  Tip Four: It is always advisable to select a dissertation topic that is not hard to find information on.
  • Tip Five: The writing process of the dissertation should not be seen as a death sentence.

How to choose a good dissertation topic?

  • Advisable to choose a topic that was already given to you by the professor or suggested in the course materials.
  •  It is good to pick a topic that is in relation to the course material or the major you are receiving a PhD.
  • The topic of the dissertation has to be interesting and keep the attention of the targeted reade.

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