How to organize your writing when working on a PhD dissertation

What is the importance of writing a PhD Dissertation?

A PhD Dissertation is the main requisite for a student to receive their PhD degree.

A PhD Dissertation gives the dissertation committee the needed information to decide whether or not the candidate should receive their PhD.

The PhD Dissertation gives the dissertation committee firsthand knowledge of what the candidate has learned while studying their major.

The PhD Dissertation lets the candidate show the knowledge and skills they have obtained and learned while studying for their PhD.

The PhD Dissertation determines whether or not the candidate will receive their degree or not.

How should a PhD Dissertation be organized or formatted?

The PhD Dissertation should have the following sections:

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction
  3. Abstract
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Body
  6. Experiment and Tests
  7. Results of Experiments and Tests
  8. Methodology
  9. Terminology
  10. Conclusion
  11. Charts and Figures
  12. Bibliography
  13. List of References
  14. Appendix

The Dissertation should be written in the following format:

  1. 12 Roman Point Font.
  2. Double spaced.
  3. Each page of the Dissertation should be numbered.
  4. The Dissertation should be between 15 pages to 50 pages.

How to write an outstanding Dissertation?

Step One: The student must ensure that they choose a topic for the dissertation that is approved by the dissertation committee.

Step Two: The student must ensure that they do thorough research on the topic.

Step Three: The candidate must ensure that they have gathered enough notes during the research process.

Step Four: The student should do an outline of the researched notes to ensure that it is properly organized.

Step Five: The outline will show the organization of the notes as they will be written in the dissertation.

Step Six: The next step is to begin writing a rough draft of the dissertation.

Step Seven: The student should do at least three rough drafts of the dissertation before writing the finalized copy.

Step Eight: During the rough draft writing phase of the dissertation, the student should be meeting with their supervising professor.  During this phase, the supervising professor can review the rough drafts, and give the student tips and pointers on how to write the paper better.

Step Nine: The student should have their supervising professor or a third party proofread the rough draft.  They will check for the following errors:

  1. Spelling errors.
  2. Grammar errors.
  3. Sentence structure errors.
  4. Substance errors.

Step Ten: The student, after having the last rough draft reviewed, can begin to write the final draft of the Dissertation.

Step Eleven: Once the final copy is completed, reviewed, and checked for errors, the student can turn it into the dissertation committee.

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