How To Prepare Yourself To Write A Master's Degree Thesis

You will have written many hundreds of essays and assignments during your undergraduate studies. Taking on the task of researching and writing a Master's thesis can be a big step up from what you are used to. The work is of far greater length than any other written assignment you have completed thus far. It is also expected that when you put together a Master's or PhD thesis you will have some original ideas, and will conduct some degree of independent research.

Do not be discouraged by the journey that awaits you! Instead, consider it to be a challenge that you will overcome. It will mark your personal transformation from student to scholar, and your future will be the brighter for it. We've put together some helpful tips to get you ready for the work you'll need to do to complete your Master's thesis.

Meet With Your Course Advisers And Thesis Supervisor

Consult with your advisers and meet with other experts in the field where you plan to conduct research for your thesis. You will want to be completely up to date on the latest and greatest discoveries, and any new work that is being done in your discipline.

Take The Time You Need To Develop A Top Notch Thesis Statement

It is critical that you take the time necessary to come up with a clear and concise thesis statement. What questions or issues to you plan to address in your thesis? How will you defend your position, and what research will be necessary to prove the points you will be making?

Do Some Preliminary Background Research Before You Begin

Once you have a good idea of the direction that your work will take, make sure that there is enough preliminary research and information available for you to begin. Also be sure that you are allowed full access to the sources you require. It is of no use knowing of a great research paper that can help you if you can get a copy!

Prepare A Detailed Outline And Schedule For The Thesis Research And Writing

Draw up an outline for the work that you feel you will need to do, along with a proposed schedule. Arrange a meeting with your course supervisor to get his or her feedback on the outline. Work with them to fine tune it, and remember that some writing cannot be started until other research work is completed.

When you are ready with a plan, get ready to write!

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