Working on a Doctoral dissertation: vital ideas

A doctoral dissertation is not like an ordinary essay or term paper. It needs to be professional, formal, well researched, composed, and answer the thesis statement. You cannot simply write a dissertation for PhD in a day or overnight. This will require planning, research, writing, drafting, editing, and rewriting. You need to use authenticated sources and include recent data in your search to prove your point. You will not find it much difficult because you already have written plenty of term papers and master thesis to be able to reach this position. However, if you need few tips for your doctoral dissertation, you are on the right place.

Know the subject you are dealing with

Start by developing a sound understanding of your subject. This does not mean that you look at the subject and think yes this is doable. You will have to adopt a critical approach and think properly. Consider whether you will be able to create a complete dissertation on the subject or not.

Break it down

The best way to solve your problems, or attempt a lengthy task is to divide it. Break down your subject into areas that come under it. Carefully examine these areas and see which one you are best at. This way you will have to make lesser efforts. The direction of your paper will be set and you will only have to work in that particular area.

Adopt the right research methodology

You need to follow the right research methodology for ideal results. Look at your subject and decide whether you need to use interviews, surveys, or secondary data to prove a certain point. Do not try every method, develop a plan, and decide the method, which will serve your cause.

Analyze the data you have collected

Once you have the data from your research, you need to see which of it is useful. Not all the data that you collect will be relevant, valid, or recent. You need to analyze the data and may have to delete some that is not relevant.

Do not change your direction

It is very important to keep the direction of your entire paper same.

Try to write the body first

Create your body paragraphs and chapters before you do the introduction or conclusion. Sometimes the direction of paper changes as we move along. It is a good idea to write introduction after completing the body.


  • Follow the right format
  • Conclude in a precise manner
  • Allow future research

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