How To Select Unexplored Thesis Topics: An Effective Tutorial

Thesis writing is quite a challenging task because of all the standards you need to meet. An effective thesis will not only help you earn a good grade but will also decide whether you qualify for the certain degree or not. When you complete your thesis, you will present it to the dissertation committee members at your university or college for reviewing. They will carefully analyze your paper from idea to execution and ask questions regarding the research. You need to remember that these professors have a vast experience in this field and check hundreds of thesis in their career. They can tell by merely looking at the topic or abstract whether your paper will be a success or not. Sometimes students fail to impress their dissertation committee members because they tend to move forward with a common topic. The last thing you want to do with your paper is to compromise on the topic.

The topic of your paper is the first thing your readers will see about your paper. This needs to be very engaging and precise at the same time. A topic should be able to do two things in your paper

  1. It must be able to cover your paper, neither too narrow nor too broad
  2. It should be engaging enough to hook your audience

Even though both these things may seem simple to you but you need to put yourself in place of your audience and think. Do not assume that the topic will interest your readers because it is something you are passionate about. You need to understand your target audience and think of their expectations when you write a thesis. They do not expect you to come up with a common topic that is discussed hundred times before.

Even though the subject will remain the same, you need to pick an area that you have enough insight. Try to find a niche that needs certain research and ideas. It is not necessary that your paper turns out to be a law without any practical restrictions. However, it should be able to logically convince your readers. Remember that you are not pitching to a bunch of high school students but the target audience is the dissertation committee professors.

You might use the internet, libraries, books, journals, articles, government statistics, newspapers, interviews, surveys and questionnaires to come up with a unique topic.

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