Is it possible to obtain a doctorate degree without a dissertation?

Many people wonder if they can obtain their doctorate degree without a dissertation. The answer is “no”. In order to receive the doctorate degree you have to complete the long winded dissertation process the same as those who came before you.

The dissertation is a unique writing experience that is unlike anything you will do in the future (unless you obtain another doctorate degree) or anything in the past. But in spite of being a unique process one of the things that remains the same is the idea that you need to pick a topic that is interesting to you and one that is approved by your advisor and your review board. You will want to find something that interests you because this process is a long one and you will spend days and nights with the topic. If you like the topic at least that part of the process won’t be the worst thing.

If you are interested in a topic that relates to art and the media then consider the examples below:

  • Why is there such interest in watching rich people’s daily lives on television?
  • Are shows that focus on being teen mothers promoting teen pregnancies?
  • Does television capture how diverse America really is?
  • Is modern television too monochromatic?
  • Is television becoming obsolete?
  • Are stereotypes being promoted on modern television?
  • Are there any current musicians who will remain prevalent over the decades?
  • Are any current musicians destined to make it into the music hall of fame for their genre?
  • Does musical training make someone more successful or at all improve the odds that they will become famous?
  • Should stores prohibit the sale of violent video games to those under the age of 16 or 18?
  • Are video games considered works of art?
  • Does playing a violent video game make you a more violent person? Or does it just unmask already violent tendencies you have?
  • Is it ethical to kill zombies rather than living humans?
  • Is there a writer you enjoy whom you think deserves an award?
  • Are the characters in modern children’s book obedient or are they contrary?
  • Is there a line to be drawn between fiction and truth? Should writers have to disclose which parts of a faction piece are real?
  • Can graffiti be considered art?
  • What defines a good versus bad commercial?
  • Is pop culture worth studying seriously?

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