The Top 28 Dissertation Topics In Childhood Studies

Childhood studies can be a sub-area of study in a number of disciplines, including health, education, psychology, sociology and so forth. So, interest in this area can be wide, meaning there are hundreds of dissertation topics one might consider for a graduate project. Here is a list of the top 28 dissertation topics you might want to take on for your own project in this area:

  1. Public school diets and how they can lead to the growing number of childhood obesity cases in the U.S.
  2. How active childhood lifestyles promote healthy social and emotional relationships in adults.
  3. Make the case for incorporating more technological tools early in a child’s educational development.
  4. How to effectively get the members of the extended family to aid in a child’s education.
  5. Fostering a community educational system when children are homeschooled.
  6. The role of religion in a child’s upbringing: Should religion be an elective course in public schools?
  7. The greatest educational challenges interfering with a child’s progress in public schools.
  8. Should parents of homeschooled children enforce a strict bedtime and wake-time?
  9. Should children be exposed to more government or social studies to better understand the issues prevalent in the world around?
  10. An analysis of how a full night’s sleep helps children educational comprehension in early ages.
  11. The case for encouraging more independence in children in order to prepare them for a successful adult professional life.
  12. How violence in video games has little (or a lot) to do with the emotional and psychological development of a child.
  13. Television, the internet, and media in general: It’s role in shaping a child’s social beliefs about the world.
  14. Traveling at an early age helps broaden a child’s mental horizons more so in preparation for adulthood.
  15. Whose responsibility is it to ensure children get the proper nutrition in schools? The government’s or parents?
  16. The case for holistic education versus traditional public school education in children aged 4 – 10.
  17. Should trade or technical skills be emphasized more so than traditional subjects in today’s education?
  18. Should schools begin classes at a later time in order to coordinate with children’s natural sleep cycle?
  19. How do various sleep problems lead to poor diet choices and more stress in children aged 5 – 12?
  20. How does the child fit within societal decisions in communities today?
  21. Can students adapt to technology quicker than adults even with less training?
  22. How is the quality of childhood television shows of today affecting the way children learn to cope with the community?
  23. Is reduced funding for field trips in public schools affecting the way children do in the classroom?
  24. Different causes for childhood obesity: A case study of genetics versus lifestyle.
  25. Is all school bullying negative? A consideration of both the roles of victim and aggressor.
  26. Should children’s health be a more focused subject in schools than it is now in light of the U.S. growing healthcare crisis?
  27. Mental developmental issues in overcrowded schools: How to bring our children a better education?
  28. Are public libraries still effective resources in childhood educational development?

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