5 Rules Of Organizing Citations In An APA Style Dissertation

The APA format of referencing is one of the most common styles that you will come across in the academic cycle. There are a lot of students who know about it by now, and so many others who have since managed to improve their understanding of the same. It is more than just a referencing guide, it is the basic referencing guide that you will have to think about every once in a while. From time to time, you will be asked to write a paper and format it in the APA guide, and if you do not know the basics, there is a good chance that your work will be failed when you hand it over for marking.

There are some rules that will actually help you have a good experience when you are working on the paper in question. You can think through and make sure that you come up with a good way of incorporating these ideas into your paper. The following are 5 of the most important tips that should help you have a good experience:

  1. Creating the cover page
  2. Alignment of your work
  3. Handling the margins
  4. Numbering your pages
  5. Creating the reference list
  • Creating the cover page
  • As you are getting ready to write this paper, you must pay attention to the fact that your cover page will be the first place where you either score or lose marks. This page is supposed to be written in orderly manner, with the contents being aligned properly.

  • Alignment of your work
  • Your teacher will probably look at the alignment of your work and know whether you have used APA or not. The work is supposed to be aligned left, or if you are given special instructions, align justified.

  • Handling the margins
  • For this paper the margins are supposed to be neatly selected. Do not choose a given range for your margins for some sections of your paper and another range for the others. There should be uniformity all round your work.

  • Numbering your pages
  • Page numbering is to be done to the center of the page. At times your institution might give you some different rules to work with, and when that happens, it is important that you follow those because they override everything else that you know.

  • Creating the reference list
  • The list of sources you used in your paper is supposed to be written in an alphabetical manner. Make sure that the sources are not outdated either.

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